Cactus Expedition to Brazil

Alles was woanders nicht reinpasst. ;-)
Die Plauderecke - AUCH für NICHT Bromelien Themen.
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Cactus Expedition to Brazil

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Dear Members of this forum:
Just a short note to let you know that this year, Nature Argentina-South Amerca Expeditions, is organizing a new tour through central Brazil, with special emphasis in seeing bromeliads in their habitat.

This unique tour will cover large areas of central Minas Gerais (Diamantina) and central Bahia state (Chapada Diamantina), and coastal areas with lush Atlantic forests in these states.

There will be a Brazilian guide, with a deep knowledge on Bromelias. Also, we will have Editor of the Cryptanthus Society Journal Larry Giroux and other bromeliad experts in our group.

The dates for the trip are June 24 though -July 11 2007

Mode: All inclusive, departing and returning to Belo Horizonte Max number of participants: 14-16 (only 4 places left)

Transportation: 24 seat minibus (max number of people is 14-16)

Duration: 17 days

Price: $ 2550 (US dollars, based on double occupancy, may vary depending total number of people)

Itinerary: T. B. A. visiting Belo Horizonte, Diamantina, Montes Claros, Espinosa, Caetite, Livramento do Brumado, Brumado, Itacare, Trancoso, Gov Valadares, Guanhaes, Belo Horizonte. MORE DETAILS UPON REQUEST or visit

Guillermo Rivera