suche (search) Tillandsia thiekenii

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suche (search) Tillandsia thiekenii

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I am very new in this forum and i cannot speak German yet, so i hope you can understand my english.

I have looked for Tillandsia thiekenii for very long time before i move to Germany, Now i hope i am in the right place to look for Tillandsia thiekenii.

Does anyone here know from where i can get one Tillandsia thiekenii or anyone here does tell this plant?

Any information regarding this plant is appreciated. Thanks in advance


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Re: suche (search) Tillandsia thiekenii

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Hello Andy,
to first of all a hearty welcome to our forum :D .
I have to move your inquiry to the "search".

Certainly you here at the right place. To search for a Tillandsia thiekenii. The problem will be, you're definitely not the only one looking (search) this Tillandsia!
Maybe there is someone who can help you.
Now the big question, what country are you from? Outside the European Union, it could be complicated due to customs regulations.

Many Greetings
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Re: suche (search) Tillandsia thiekenii

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Schließe ich mich an, suche ich auch! :)