A new Dyckia species from South in Brazil

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Constantino Gastaldi
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A new Dyckia species from South in Brazil

Beitrag von Constantino Gastaldi » Sonntag, 23 September 2007, 0:04

A brand new (to science) Dyckia species from the Dykia brevifolia and D. ibiramensis region in santa Catarina, Brazil.

It is a sole plant, up to now a only one,or the last one.
The plant grows attached to a huge stone high in a rocky slope. It bears yellow flowers and it is green leaved.
The leaves are long and narrow, looking like green ribons united to the stone.
The seeds must had come from a population still higher than where the plant thrives. This population was set on fire two times and the place was used for Pinus elliotis plantation. The population was vanished from Earth. All that exists in the world is a single divided plant with two flower stalks.
I asked all the local people for more but in vain for a positive answer.
I would like to show it for you but don´t know how to send pictures in here.
Need help, please.
Constantino - From Brazil

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Beitrag von chanin » Dienstag, 25 September 2007, 5:44

Thanks for your information Constantino :) and this is your photo that so impressive.
I'm sure you and your people will be successful to conserve this treasure.

I would like to meet new friends in other part of the world and would be glad to trade plants or seed from this part of the world.