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T.roland-gosellinii or T.langlasseana ....or not either ?

Verfasst: Montag, 19 November 2007, 19:45
von SSairplants
Hi Everyone,

I wondwer if this is T.roland-gosellinii or T.langlasseana ....or not either ? Big plants wide 16", height 20". Leafs are not soft and very greenish. Bracts have not fade to any other colors yet, but green. Have not seen any petal yet. I need help, anyone please :D. Thank you very much.


p.s. sorry if pics are not very clearly.




Verfasst: Freitag, 23 November 2007, 23:01
von Timm Stolten
Hi Seth,

so far I haven't seen a true langlasseana yet.
But my roland-gosellinii looks pretty much like yours.

But if you check the images in our BromWiki
they do look a bit different. Those plants used to be called
Tillandsia maritima, now merged into Tillandsia roland-gosellinii.
I don't know those species well and can only compare the photos.
A true identification needs an expert, not me.

Hope it helped a little.

Greetings, Timm

Verfasst: Montag, 3 Dezember 2007, 19:39
von SSairplants
Hi Tim,

Thanks a lot for the advices. I just wonder that some roland-goselinii have yellow-redish leaves (maybe in where I live weather is not cool enough to make them change color).

For sure its very difficult to identify.... thanks again for your effort :).