Dyckia sp?

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Dyckia sp?

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Hello, good morning guys,
Somebody knows it?
This beauty Dyckia sp. from Brazil.
All year round have red leaves. :D
<img src="http://public.blu.livefilestore.com/y1p5DxkIoy1DYnFgw8jxmiF83m1QovNqLFfF4SKAAssW6gt0WVZNtmHkP05hC4hITls9sYY4aOqdn9Bx-FhyhS3ow/Dyckia%20sp.%231%20%E5%85%A8%E5%B9%B4%E7%9A%86%E7%B4%85%E5%93%81%E7%A8%AE.jpg">
Warmest regards,Brian.

Constantino Gastaldi
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Hi I am pretty sure this is an hybrid plant

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No doubt the plant is beautiful and it will get even better as time passes by.
Dyckias get prettier with age.

This may be a Brazilian hybrid. A plant originated form such and such plant but the mother plant may be part of a collection and colection have many plants at bloom at the very same time. Dyckia hybridize readily and promptely. Some guys send seeds abroad stating they are such and such but even the collector doesn´t know what may come from the seeds.

a-This may be Brazilian but a Brazilian hybrid plant.

b-This may be Brazilian for made with two Brazilian species but made anywhere on Earth.

c - When a plant is a species and not a described one or yet an unmamed one the name carries de name of the local the plant was found. For instance:
Dyckia sp- Morro da Fumaça- SC
Means: a dyckia species from Morro da Fumaça in Santa Catarina - Brazil

Your plant looks like a plant resulting from Dyckia platyphylla and Dyckia fosteriana crossing or something close to it in some F1,F2 ....F10000000.

Many inescrupulous guys inflict names and state the plant comes from Brazil.
No, this simply will not be true. Dyckias are forbidden to live Brazil and when they do they worth many bucks an nobody seels them for nothing less than big money.

This is a beautiful plant. Will get even better looking, you will see and decidely this is not a species.
Get to the origin of it, trace it back you will probably fall down on your back.

From Brazil.
Try to see the Blog Dyckia Brazil (Google it). There you will se hundreds of Dyckia species many undescribed and many dyckia hybrids many never seen before.