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Jobs in NewZealand

Verfasst: Montag, 29 Januar 2007, 18:58
von Timm Stolten
Hi folks,

This is really off topic but I would like to take the opportunity
to send out this request especially to our forum-friends in New Zealand
and Australia.

I have an apprentice at the Botanical Garden here in Heidelberg, Germany.
She is about to finish her apprenticeship this summer and would like to
work overseas, if possible in New Zealand as a horticulturist.
Not necessarily with bromeliads (if so, it would be perfect),
her interests and knowledges are widely spreed.

Does anybody of you have connections to some kinds of nurseries or
organizations, that she could get in touch with ?
I would not ask for everybody, but she is by far one of the most skilled and
finest persons I had the pleasure to work with and you would do both of us
a big favor.

Thanks already in advance !!