merry x-mas and a happy new year

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merry x-mas and a happy new year

Beitrag von Matthias »

Hello together,

soon I will leave for my Christmas holidays and I like to wish all in the forum a Merry Christmas an a Happy New Year. I want to use the possibility give especially thank-you to Timm for his excellent work in the forum and for his expert responses to so many questions.
I hope you all will be faithful to the forum with interesting themes in 2008 too to brighten up my dull working days again. :lol:

Regards Matthias

Please excuse my bad english knowledges.
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Ho Ho Ho, it's gettin' close....

Merry Christmas to all of you bromeliacs out there,
and a very Happy New Year.
May the bugs not survive the winter and
all your wishes become true.
Thanks for stickin with us !

Saisonal greetings,
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