Wanted - Dyckia choristaminea

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Wanted - Dyckia choristaminea

Beitrag von nick »

Hi all :lol: , i am trying to get hold of the above plant and cannot find it in the UK. I saw it on a visit to a (very) large Aloe collection last week, and it has joined my "must have" list.

I have other Dyckia / Abromitiella /Orthophytum /Hechtia to trade, along with masses of cacti & succulents, for anyone wanting to branch out!

Is this the best place to post Wanted requests?

I live in Scotland UK and have a 30 x 10 foot greenhouse stocked with cacti, succulents, small bulbs e.g. Ledebourias, and more recently xeric bromeliads.

Thanks in advance,

Timm Stolten
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Beitrag von Timm Stolten »

Hi Nick,

oh man you just came two weeks to late........ :?
I just tossed all the seedpots of my choristamineas.
If you can be a little patient I can send you some seeds
when there are new ones.
This species is very easy to grow and it flowers quite often.

But maybe somebody else has a leftover.

Greetz, Timm
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