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Hello to Everybody

Beitrag von Charles » Donnerstag, 16 Juli 2009, 21:45

I'm new to this forum,so I thought I'd introduce myself.I live in Liverpool,in the UK,and I'm getting more and more interested in Bromeliads,
in particular,Puya and Dyckia,they are such beautiful plants.I have a few Puya species,and I'm growing a few from seed,but seed and plants seem very hard to source in the UK.Does anyone know of some reliable sources for seeds/plants?.Any help would be appreciated.
As well as the Bromeliads,I also grow Orchids(Stanhopea),Aroids,Tender bulbs,Cacti and Succulents,and Epiphyllums.
Looking forward to learning a lot from the forum,I've been impreesed by what I've seen so far.
Regards Charles

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Beitrag von mod » Dienstag, 28 Juli 2009, 18:50

Hi Charles ,It would be nice to see a few pics of your broms ,have you had any luck in finding reliable sources for seeds/plants?.


Beitrag von Charles » Dienstag, 28 Juli 2009, 21:52

Hi Mod,
Not much luck so far,I had a nice conversation with John Henshaw at Croston Cactus,he might be getting a few Puya in at the end of August.Even if he hasn't,it won't be a wasted trip.
As for seeds,no luck so far either,the seed link you sent me worked once,but only the once.I get seeds of other things from Brazil Plants,and see that they have some Broms listed,next time I get something from Mauro,I'll get some then.I noticed in one of your previous posts you had spare plants,still got any?If you have,can you PM me?
Regards Charles

Ali Baba
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Beitrag von Ali Baba » Freitag, 31 Juli 2009, 9:46

Hi Charles
have you tried the nurseries listed on this site:

Succseed and Mesa Garden list some bromeliad seed. I have grown a few from them over the last year or so. Also Chiltern seeds occasionally offer bromeliad seed.



Beitrag von Charles » Sonntag, 2 August 2009, 23:37

Thanks a lot for the links Ali,will look at them in detail soon.
Regards Charles