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Hi from Singapore

Verfasst: Donnerstag, 10 Juni 2010, 9:47
von benetay

I just join this forum because of Derek Butcher, was told to come here to learn more about bromeliads. I'm from Singapore and i grow mainly Tillandsia. I hope to learn more from you guys. Have only been keeping them close to a decade.


Re: Hi from Singapore

Verfasst: Donnerstag, 10 Juni 2010, 20:07
von sebtaui
Hello Benetay ,

I know you because I have read many of your posts in GCS and you're maybe one of the best tillandsia growers in the world. I'm grateful you share everything you know about tillandsias. Thanks. Sorry, but I can't speak a lot because my English is not so good.

Greetings from Spain and... Welcome !

Verfasst: Samstag, 12 Juni 2010, 14:13
von benetay
hola cómo estás. Está bien si usted no habla muy bien Inglés, pero puedo entender muy bien.

We can use google language to do translation and its no problem at all. I am far behind many of the real growers in the world, so i'm flattered by your comment.

Thanks for the welcome :)