Help needed for translation/correction

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Help needed for translation/correction

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Hi to all natural speaking english people,

the german bromeliad society is trying to publish more and more articles in their journal "Die Bromelie" in english and german.

Most of our manuscripts are either german or english. Translation english to german is not the problem but translation from german to english is a problem. We can translate it ourselves, but we only use "school"english.

We could need some help in rereading and correcting englisch translations oder english manuscripts written by people that do not speak english as their natural language. It would be perfect, if we could find some englisch, australian, american or what else people that have a little time to read and correct english bromeliad-related texts. A little knowledge of german language would be perfect. The texts in question are mostly non scientific, so scientific knowledge is not necessary.

We do have some people helping us but a wider range of people would help us to spread all the work.

If you are interested, please send PM to me.

I'm sorry, but the DBG cannot pay for this work, we need volunteers....

P.S. This post is a sample for the quality ;-) of our english translations (and this is not done by any translating software)
Andreas Böker