we need a Tillandsia book!

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we need a Tillandsia book!

Beitrag von gonzer » Dienstag, 9 Mai 2006, 1:09

The French and Japanese books are OK for the most part for photo ID's (Hiro's book is better), but where, oh where is an English text covering the genus :cry: :cry: . I've heard Pamela Koide is working on one but darn-IT! I need one now!!!! Thanks for letting me vent. :wink:

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Beitrag von Timm Stolten » Dienstag, 9 Mai 2006, 8:36

Hi Gonzer,

ever heard of this one ?


Click me[/url]

Well, it seems to be out of print and costs a fortune, but it is a biggie and
the image quality is perfect.
The only book exclusivly on Tillandsia that I know of.

Greetings , Timm
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Beitrag von gonzer » Mittwoch, 10 Mai 2006, 0:51

I practically waited in line in 1986 for that book Timm. Came autographed by Paul too. I had forgotten to mention it ( :!: ) because it's more technical than the others. You are so correct, it does cost a fortune when one becomes available. I've seen a copy fetch $500 American :shock: :shock: :shock:

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Beitrag von chanin » Mittwoch, 10 Mai 2006, 10:49

Really Gonzer!!!

You know, I use to have three copies of that great book, I purchased from Rainbow Gardens long time ago. I gave two as a present to my good friends years ago, another one is remain on my book shelf....I've never picked it up for years, until you mentioned!! I found there is a ruler attached inside to measure Tillandsia with a table document...really classic...I agree, but 500 dollars!! Really?
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Beitrag von gonzer » Donnerstag, 11 Mai 2006, 0:27

I kid you not Chanin, up to $500, even more if it is in the leather cover that was issued for (I think) the first 100 copies. Rainbow Bookstore! My home away from home when it was located 10 minutes away. You could peruse all the books for hours with nobody caring one way or the other.

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Beitrag von Bill » Dienstag, 20 Februar 2007, 4:57

Wow! I had no idea that Mr. Isley's book was so coveted! I bought it years ago, in the mid-'80's... and sold it some ten years later to a nearby used bookstore for about $2!


It is a lovely book, but not exactly thorough for a collector who has moved beyond the more common Tillandsias.