genus Streptocalyx

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genus Streptocalyx

Beitrag von bromelia_boy »

On FCBS I haven't found genus Streptocalyx.

Internet said to me that this genus
does not exist any more; most species of this
genus now relate to genus Aechmea.

**Streptocalyx arenarius = Aechmea arenaria
**Streptocalyx biflorus = Aechmea biflora
**Streptocalyx brachystachys = Aechmea brachystachya
**Streptocalyx colombianus = Aechmea colombiana
** var. laxus = Aechmea hoppii
**Streptocalyx curranii = Aechmea curranii
**Streptocalyx floribundus = Aechmea floribunda
**Streptocalyx fuerstenbergii = Aechmea fuerstenbergii
**Streptocalyx geminiflorus = Aechmea geminiflora
**Streptocalyx geminiflorus = Aechmea napoensis
**Streptocalyx kentii = Aechmea kentii
**Streptocalyx lanatus = Aechmea lanata
**Streptocalyx laxiflora = Ronnbergia brasiliensis
**Streptocalyx longifolius = Aechmea longifolia
**Streptocalyx lugoi = Aechmea lugoi
**Streptocalyx murcae = Aechmea murcae
**Streptocalyx pallidus = Aechmea napoensis
**Streptocalyx poeppigii = Aechmea beeriana
**Streptocalyx poitaei = Aechmea poitaei
**Streptocalyx seidelii = Aechmea seidelii
**Streptocalyx squamiferus = Aechmea napoensis
**Streptocalyx subintegerrimus = Ronnbergia brasiliensis
**Streptocalyx williamsii = Aechmea williamsii

However look in wide-eyed that on IPNI.ORG most species
of genus Streptocalyx original and they don't have even
references to the synonyms :shock:

Can explain someone this situation to me :?:

Timm Stolten
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Beitrag von Timm Stolten »

bomelia_boy hat geschrieben:On FCBS I haven't found genus Streptocalyx.

Well, where did you look ?
In the Photo-Index ? It isnt there
Try clicking on Databases -> FCBS Bromeliad Species Database - > Search
and search for Streptocalyx.

The genus Streptocalyx no longer exist officially, all species have been
transferred into Aechmea.
See Smith & Spencer, Phytologia 72: 96-8. 1992

As far as I know IPNI does not refer to synonyms anyway and also in
W3Tropicos (Link) it is pretty hard to find out what is now valid or not.
I do allways refer to the "An Alphabetical List of Bromeliad Binomials " of
Harry Luther. You can download the 2002 version at
Marie Selby Botanical Gardens (Link).

Do you know our Bromeliad Wiki yet ?
We are trying to gather all those informations and bundle it there.
It is bilingual (englisch and german).
In the german version (Link) I have allready put in all former
Streptocalyx species, but I did not have the time to do that in
the english version so far. Wiil do that soon.

Greeting Timm
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Beitrag von bromelia_boy »

Yes, I understand you Timm

Thank you for the links :wink: