Tillandsia ebracteata

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Tillandsia ebracteata

Beitrag von Timm Stolten »

Hi all,

does anybody have infos on Tillandsia ebracteata ?
There are plants around in german collections named like this,
but I cannot find any data, authors whatsoever on this.

Any help would be appreciated

THX, Timm
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Beitrag von NiNi »

I don't know what you are looking for exactely and what you found since your message but I found that :
-http://www.botanicgardens.ie/nbg/arealsts/bm.pdf (I don't konw exactely what it is...)
-http://www.kakteen.cz/index.php?klic=kid951cz-tillandsia-ebracteata a shop where they sell it (don't konw what language it is)
and that : http://www.biologie.uni-ulm.de/cgi-bin/query_all/details.pl?id=124021&stufe=A&typ=PFL I think it can help you
I also found on FCBS that tillandsia ebracteata is a synonymous of racinea multiflora var. multiflora (click here)
Hop it can help you...