Dyckia hebdingii from its native wilderness

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Constantino Gastaldi
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Dyckia hebdingii from its native wilderness

Beitrag von Constantino Gastaldi » Samstag, 11 Oktober 2008, 16:21

This may give you a clue of how to deal with these plants. They are not figthing for umidity ´cause they have plenty at disposal but water does not stays on their feet, just wet them without soaking them.

Timm Stolten
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Beitrag von Timm Stolten » Sonntag, 12 Oktober 2008, 20:37

Hi Constantino,

Thank you so much for these inredible images !!!
It really gives me a good idea who these plant grow in the wild.

Would you allow me to use some of them for our Bromeliad-Wiki ?
I would be a great addition, while images from the habitat are very rare.

All the best

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Beitrag von JoachimInB » Sonntag, 12 Oktober 2008, 23:04

Magnifico, constantino! Thanks a lot! Seems to be a relatively humid place, right? Or is it just the mid of the wet season?