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New? A magnific Dyckia from Rio Grande do Sul.

Verfasst: Sonntag, 26 Oktober 2008, 12:05
von Constantino Gastaldi
If this plant is named or already named by the science it is not for common guys to know. If the science named this plant this is held as top secret. ... and as long as my knowings go Science is for the Light, isn´t it? If it is not Light it is not science, ok? Well named or not it is breathtaking. Here a shot in nature and let us go to the facts:
- This is not Dyckia hebdingii!
- Grows close to Dyckia hebdingii some 30km apart and this is close.
- It is bigger than D. hebdingii
- It´s seeds are alpiste (seed bird) like and not round and flowers are tiny and yellow and extra numerous, hundreds of tiny yellow flowers in a big stalk.
Is it pretty? Also never smuggled nor poached to anywhere and that is remarkable, and maybe one of the reasons for its name and description not to be so all over spread. Maybe.
Let us see it in nature:
As you can see it is fighting against the elements, the bushes are covering it yet, dominating it, suffocating, preventing the sun to get to the Dyckia.
This is a typical habitat of the Southern Dyckias. Rocky crevices exposed to the North an filled with organic substrate.
Maybe a Dyckia hebdingii affinis or...the true D. hebdingii may be an affinis of this? Intriguing? Yes, very much too intriguing.

Verfasst: Sonntag, 26 Oktober 2008, 19:53
von El Fakir
And what would be the first effects of a shadower position on the plant?

The plant suffers and dies

Verfasst: Montag, 27 Oktober 2008, 2:07
von Constantino Gastaldi
The very first efect in shadowing is the longer, greener and slender leaves and the consequent loose of the the plant shape and form. The plant stops all the flowering and sprouting and gets fragile to any pest assault. The plant perishes in one or one and a half year or so. This is frequent when the eucaliptus and the pine plantation is made. They just die slowly agonizing in the shadow.