Dyckia reitzii and its bigeneric hybrid

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Dyckia reitzii and its bigeneric hybrid

Beitrag von chanin » Montag, 4 Juni 2007, 17:31

Our friend, Constantino had told me about a rare Dyckia
which is native to his homeland, Dyckia reitzii
I had no idea that this species came from a very high mountain,
that could withstand a very low temperature on the peak.

In October 2006, I got a very beautiful Dyckia from Tropiflora nursery in USA
named Dyckia reitzii f. rubra

Here is my plant.

In the same shipment, I received a remarkable bigeneric hybrid
a cross between Dyckia reitzii f. rubra x Deuterocohnia brevispicata

This hybrid names x Dyckcohnia 'Bones Mahogany'

For one who would like to see how another parent look like,
this is one of my Deuterocohnia brevispicata, it's quite a huge plant with 3 feet in diameter.


The colouration of Dyckia reitzii seem to pass on perfectly red to its offspring,
while the charming size of Deuterocohnia could make the hybrid
a real red monster, with nearly 2 feet in diameter.
I would like to meet new friends in other part of the world and would be glad to trade plants or seed from this part of the world.