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Getting more from mother plant

Verfasst: Donnerstag, 3 Januar 2008, 3:35
von bristow48
I am a member of Caboolture and districts Bromeliad club which has been going for 18mths. Which is about 50Km north of Brisbane. Twelve months ago. Someone showed us how to get new pups from a mother plant that had all the pups taken from it. Normally you can expect two to three pups per year off a plant.

After you have depuped get a styrophom box that is used to transport vegtables and has a lid. Fill the bottom with water 1/3th. Cut a hole to fit plant in the lid. nsure that plant roots dont touch water.
The humidy of the water stimulates the roots and new pups form.

I have more than doubled the amount of pups with some plants.

Verfasst: Donnerstag, 3 Januar 2008, 15:08
von Timm Stolten
Hi bristow48

sounds interesting and new to me.
With which species in particular did this work ?

Greetz, Timm

Verfasst: Donnerstag, 3 Januar 2008, 16:24
von bristow48
I have used this method with Neos, Nidulariums, billbergias and most tank plants. and guzys.

Verfasst: Donnerstag, 3 Januar 2008, 18:05
von Timm Stolten
Good idea,

lets see if it works with my pineapples.
They always give me hard times.

Verfasst: Freitag, 4 Januar 2008, 6:55
von chanin
I guess this method could be work only for epiphtic or tank type bromeliads,
but should not for terrestrial type.

Verfasst: Mittwoch, 9 Januar 2008, 11:02
von bristow48
you could try it on ground plants, as experiment if the mother plant is on its last legs. It is a form of hydropnics of sorts. I plan on trying as an experiment growing some broms in tubes, nyhydropnicly. if there is anyone out there that has done it give a reply.

Verfasst: Mittwoch, 9 Januar 2008, 18:36
von Timm Stolten
Do you happen to have an image on hand to show how you do it ?

Greetings, Timm

Verfasst: Donnerstag, 10 Januar 2008, 4:29
von bristow48
sorry i have no worked out to log phote yet