Surplus seedlings

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Surplus seedlings

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Hi i have surplus seedlings of .Puya chilensis, Puya berteroniana, Puya coerulea, Puya venuta,Hechtia sp Pena Blanco,Queretaro, Hechtia sp Colima,Mexico and Dyckia fosteriana
that I would like to swap for seedlings or pups of other species of Dyckia, Hechtia, Orthophytum, Puya, Deuterocohnia,
P,M me if interested. Bild
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Dear Mod, I am not really into Dyckias or Puyas, but I have one species of dyckia, which resembles Dyckia remotiflora (in the FCBS database, quite similar to Derek Butcher´s photo D. remotiflora var. angustior). You may have it already, but if not and are interested in it, just let me know. I have linked a photograph of one of them for you. Sorry, I have not a photo in flower, but it shoots a single spike, with orange flowers.

<a><img src=" ... G_0794.jpg" border="0" alt="Dyckia sp."></a>

I can imagine you will identify it better than I can.
Best regards.