How to germinate Aechmea seeds?

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How to germinate Aechmea seeds?

Beitrag von El Fulo » Montag, 17 November 2008, 18:19

Dear all!

Does anyone have experiences in germinating Aechmea seeds? I have A. veitchii and A. magdalenae seeds that are about 8 months old. They won't germinate like other wind dispersed bromeliad seeds just by adding water, light and ambient temperature. From their look they seem to be bird dispersed so I guess they need some animal digestion treatments.

Any hint is welcome.


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Beitrag von mod » Donnerstag, 20 November 2008, 15:46

Generally the viability of Bromeliad seeds are limited ,there is no need for any digestion treatments :shock: ,if possible it is best that you take the seed from the seed capsule of Aechmea before it splits open and squeeze it directly onto the surface of your growing media (no need to wash the seed ) this way the seed is sterile because it hadn’t been exposed to any fungus spores.