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re-mounting and cleaning Tillandsia

Verfasst: Mittwoch, 26 November 2008, 23:27
von gonzer
I find that some caulescent plants, after 10-15 years, start to outgrow their cork settings by hanging way below the edge but having root support only at the top. Often these long stems are brittle and/or filled with old, dead growth. Cutting the stem back almost to the base seems to be the only way (sometimes) to stimulate new roots. Clearing away old growth only reveals a skinny stem trying to support a heavier load of live material. The problem here is that you lose so much of the plant's integrity. Prior to cutting, the plant has that old growth character look about it, something that can't be replaced right away. T. chartacea, bergeri and albida are good examples. How do others deal with this problem?