Welcome to our new Bromeliad Forum !!!!

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Welcome to our new Bromeliad Forum !!!!

Beitrag von Timm Stolten »

Welcome to our new Bromeliad Forum !!!!

It´s done, ...........finally, and it works, ........hopefully :wink:
This forum is ment to be a meetingpoint for all bromeliad lovers out there, to share thoughts, questions and answers with us. No matter if you are a newbie having problems with the cultivation of these plants, or just want to present a picture of your rarity in bloom...this is the place.

:!: Although this website is based in germany and mainly in german language, it is capable, for registered users, to switch the language into the one of your choice . :!:
This includes all menus and help files, unfortunately it cannot translate any postings. So make sure to benefit from this and many other features and join now. It is absolutely free !! We won´t give any data to anyone !
Find out more about it here in "How to register" here (Link).

For those of your who are not that familiar with the handling of an internet forum like this.....

1.) If you check the menu above you will find the FAQ button.


This will lead you to the Frequently Asked Questions section. Again, if you are a registerd user, you can switch the language in your profile and from there on these help files will be in english too.

2.) If this wouldnt answer your questions, feel free to post them here in "Infos about this forum".
English is not my mother tongue, but I will do my very best :wink:

And now... Enjoy!!

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I'm here!...

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Thanks Timm!
Don't know if it was you or had to let the ghost in the machine have his fun...anyway, I'm here. Many thanks, Max
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Re: Welcome to our new Bromeliad Forum !!!!

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Gibt es hier wirklich internationale User? Hier ist doch alles auf deutsch..