Tillandsia brevicapsula

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Tillandsia brevicapsula

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Hi Folks, Hi Derek,

(For those of you, who were not involved in this investigation)
A few weeks ago we had a very old Tillandsia spec. flowering at the
Botanical Garden of Heidelberg. Collected by Prof. Rauh a long time ago
and still not identified.
It was a big green rosette and its inflorescene was nearly 1,80 m tall.
Unfortunately I do not have any images of it yet.
But Mrs. Renate Ehlers did examine the plant and after consulting Derek
both came up with either Tillandsia clavigera or Tillandsia brevicapsula.
These two species are quite rare in cultivation and so are images of them.

But in the original description of Tillandsia brevicapsula
(Gilmartin (1968) Phytologia 16: 156) a speciman of Rauh was
mentioned to be in our herbarium. I check that the other day and here
are some images of it for you for further disscussion.

Cheers, Timm




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wow what a big size Tillandsia spiecie!
Words are like weapons. They wound sometimes.