Tillandsia propagulifera in bloom !

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Tillandsia propagulifera in bloom !

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Howdie folks,

some of you might know this Tillandsia from Peru:
Tillandsia propagulifera from cultivation.
It is of of those extremly slow growing rock-tillies, that take ages to get
into flower. Now that I finaly can call a new camera my own, I am some
kinda proud to present you the first images of our plant, which started
flowering in may 2006 and still has buds to open.

It was collected by Prof. Rauh in 1983,
so it took 23 years to look like this:


Bromwiki (Link)

Hopefully I will be able to catch some flowers on film soon.

Greetz, Timm
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oh damn! wow 23 years old ! I have nothing to say now :shock:
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Yikes!!! you mean I'm going to be OLD when my little specimen blooms? :(
Great photo also Timm. Keep 'em coming.
johnny goot
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Just think how much older you'll be when it blooms again.
Thanks for showing it off.
I'm new here and I really like what I see.
Thanks again.
Johnny Goot.
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Absolut genial wenn man das Verhältnis Pflanze und Blütenstand betrachtet wooooow.

What a smart gardener!