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Constantino Gastaldi
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Leave it in the jungle....

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If you live in a freezing cold place with a sun so pale that your skin is as white as a palm heart or a German thin porcelain, please do not despair! Think peonies, those most embroided carnations, tulips, tulips by the millions! Humm those hycinthine hycinths in pale rose and blues and roses, roses, roses...humm and those alpines shrubs? .. and those dwarf e dwarfened pine trees in greens and blues and whithish and yellowishs and silvery blue and all the hues so on. All these I can keep here to test my skills and gardening habilities and to aterrorize these gorgeous flowers and plants. No matter how I wish to have these dwarf silvery blue pine trees in my garden, they, these trees do not agree with me. No matter what I do, tulips say no, they say no up to a point to die to convince me that here is not a place for them. They commite the ultimate act... they suicide to teach me.
Ah, I wish popies, booming peti-pois. Humm, I have to have peonies. No, no , no I am just a human being I am not God. I do not even have a magic wand, a little and old one. No, no...and I know That is a hard word. Can you accept easely a no? Oh, you are blessed!
Now let´s change plances! Now, I do not want to be there and you do not must be here. So lets´s change beings, humans, animals and plants, let us do as everybody did up to now. Let us think we can...we are Gods. Let us bring and welcome the polar bears into Amazon and let us send our spider monkeys to the North Pole, greenland, Reykjavick in Iceland the land of ice and fire. Let us do this. Oh, Constantino my dear u live in Paradise.... Yes, yes, yes, yes, I do. I really do, but so does the Polar bear, the peonies and you!
Think, re-think and think it over and over...you all, we all live in paradises we only know. We do not need survivors any more, humans, animals and plants, we need happy creatures we all desperatedly need happiness do live saftely on this Earth. There are people starving to death in Africa and we do not do anything, we do dot even talk about. We get used, simply get used. we accept. You have nothing with....? Yes you do...much more than u could wonder. We are all togheter in this hauss. Altogheter!!! You get used ´cause you think it is normal to watch animals in zoos and circus. They can be bought and sold. You even may feel happy with a engaged colorful macaw. Oh ,look how happy is my macaw! Oh, you do not have the tiniest idea of happiness... Dychia...if you frezze, it too, does!
Sorry I just want you to know you are in paradise, too.