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How to register

Beitrag von Timm Stolten »

All menus and buttons are in german language by default.
Unregistered visiters may change the board language thru the box in
the upper left corner.
This posting will show you how to register and switch the forum language
to the one of your choice each time you log in.

1.) Click the "Registrieren" Button at the top menu.


2.) By clicking the first link you will accept the forum rules and
confirm that you are over 12 years old.

3.) Now you are beeing asked to choose a nickname, a valid email address and a personal password.
All these four lines marked with a "*" must be filled out to continue.

Benutzername = User Name
Passwort = Password
Passwort bestätigen = Confirm Password

Further down you can now change the boards language, click on "Bord-Sprache".
This forum supports german, english and spanish.

Once you have pressed the "Senden" button, you are done.
You can change the details of your profile anytime by clicking on the "Profil" button in the top menu.
If you are experiencing any problems, please post them here in "Infos about this forum".

Check also the phpBB User Guide