Christmas Time again

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Timm Stolten
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Christmas Time again

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I would like to wish all of our users around the world a
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!
May all your desires be fulfilled.


Stick with us !!

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Constantino Gastaldi
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Thank you Tim

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:D Dearest Tim and all of u all around the globe.
Thanks for the knowledge u all let me get into during this year.
Knowledge is the Light we all must praise. Thank you all.
Now I am very happy ´cause two friends, met in this forum, are travelling half the planet to meet me and to see some Dyckias in their native places. We will travel South and West and also East two states in Brazil, in fact the two southermost states of my country, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul.
We are bond to visit the D. brevifolia, encholirioides, ibiramensis, dusenii, ebdingii, maritima, delicata, domfecianensis, julianae, chorestaminea, reitzi red form, and many, many many new to science Dyckias. We will have fun. Wish us to be lucky and safe in all this Brazilian wilderness.
We will also check some thirteen new species of Dyckia in Northeastern Santa Catarina. Some are so red that resemble the blood of a pidgeon, some are definetly silver and all are brand new.
That is a dream come true to any Dyckia enthusiast.
Be good, behave and be blessed!
Constantino - from Joinville - Santa Catarina - Brazil
El Fakir
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Happy New Year too!!
And enjoy your time with your friends!!!!
From France under the snow...