Update Aug 18th 2004

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Update Aug 18th 2004

Beitrag von Timm Stolten »

Update Aug 18th 2004:

Change of Board Version form 2.0.6 to 2.0.10.Bild

Please check your profile and your Inbox

I am sorry, but during the last backup I had a lot of trouble with the database,
hopefully everything is back in place again.
Besides of that there a splending news for you, because the forum is now enriched
with some new features.

Here are the major improvements:

1.) If you take a closer look to the top menu you might notice a new button
calledBookmarks (Link) there. Thats exactly what it sounds
like, you can now keep track of your favorite posts on the board here
and save 'em in our database, so you can access them from
wherever you are..
Setting a bookmark could not be easier, just click on the Link
"Set a bookmark for this topic" which is located at the top and bottom
of every topic. Thats it.

2.) The next change are the so called Acronyms.
It is especially for those of you, who aren't familiar with all the special
botanical terms, used alot here. I have set up a table with the most
common terms and everytime it is beeing written in a post here,
a question mark and a short description appear by the time you
moverover it with your mouse. So the next time someone talks about
an inflorescence or trichoms, you will get a better idea of what is.
All acronyms are marked with a tiny line of dots below it.
For those who are posting, there hasnt changed anything.
By the time a written word matches an ancronym in the database,
the decription will be added automatically.
But only, when the terms are being written properly .

:wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

3.) We also have a new feature to offer, named Sidebar.
It's kinda like a preview-version of the homepage, which always lists
the last 5 postings. Should be looking like this:


In Mozilla based browsers you can add this page to your sidebar
(the Internet Explorer does support this feature yet) while you are
surfin' or you can set this as feature of your Active Desktop in Windows.
That would be lookin like this:


The page refreshes every 5 minutes so your shouldn't be missing a
new topic. ;-)
Here is the link:
http://www.bromeliads.net/forum/recent. ... ge=english

And how am I gonna do that ??
In a Mozilla based browser you simlpy click the link and add it to
your bookmarks. Open the bookmark manager, look for the sidebar-link,
than open the properties. Here is an option "load this link a the sidebar"
(at least thats what its called in the german version), activate it and
your done.

Next time you click this bookmark, the sidebar opens. Of course it can
be removed anytime.


I am sorry, I do not have an english language browser on hand so I
cannot exactly tell you what the steps are called in english.
To put the sidebar on your Active Desktop, simply do a right-click on
an empty spot of your desktop and choose "properties" --> Desktop -->
Configure Desktop --> Web --> New.
Put the link in here, that should be it. The sidebar contains should open,
you may now adjust the size of it. There should also be an option to fix
the sidebar, the frame around it will dissappear than.

4.) At last you'll have allready noticed the little sticky
"PostIt Note Message", on your screen.
This I have added just for cases of emergency when there are
really important messages for everyone. It can be moved and closed
any time. Don't worry, I won't use it very often.

All the other improvements are rather technical stuff, don't wanna
bother you with details about that.
Those who are still interested, there is a small new link at bottom
of every page, left to the imprint called "Mods" (Link).
There is a list of all modules built in here. English only.

I hope you are going to have fun with all of this new features,
just let me know how you like it (or not) and drop me a line here:

I would also really appreciate it, if you would report any bug that may acurr !!!

Greetz Timm
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