With my feet well on the ground

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Constantino Gastaldi
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With my feet well on the ground

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I live in Brazil! I speak Portuguese and also I was born and brought up here. I can read English, French, Some German, Romanian, Italian, Spanish, old Latim and old Greek...I am no fool.
People who use to wander in our wilderness take a long long time to realize one must spent a much longer time in nature to understand a single bioma. This may take several lifetimes!We do not understand a plant in a vase within a green house, nor dealing with a dry straw half eaten by the insects, or with the help of an artistic version well painted on a white canvas or note book page ( no matter how fantastic the illustration may appear to be nor how notorious is the author and less yet the high amount of US bucks The American National Gallery paid for ...). This is just worth for a glimpse! A ride trought our fields won´t say much to any but dreamers. Science doesn´t dream...or it would be wise not do so. A tour trough our field won´t reveal all the splendour of our wilderness nor all the relationships and connections within it. Conclusions taken on sight seeing are valid but never definitive.

Some renowed European Scientist on Botanics revealed fantastic politic scientists, notable socio-cultural phylosofers as many bad spoke and bad wrote openly about the country they even can´t speak the language of its people. Notable! We assume they are as lousy botanist as sociologist and wonder if only one time these people read a bit of our history. ...and the fantastic thing is the fact some of the best good looking Brazilian plants are under the name of such guys! Entire genus of the prettiest Brazilian cacti are dedicated to types like those.

People are all full of errors. Everybody even myself but lets award the less equivocaded ones.

Dyckias are made to fool this guys! They are sex maniacs and immediately if any change are given they cross...even with the strange genus and specially with the strange next door and many times not so next.

Times on end people say this is so and at the reality this so is real on the guys mind only. Dyckias have many, many faces and masks and they illude everybody.

Botanics still travel by sail boats and worst than this act as everybody is sailing.... Hamburg to Rio in 60 days and a bumpy dangerous voyage. Some won´t even survive the trip...come on oard...be my guest.

People in Europe relied on reports, field reports, drawings scratches, paintings and dried straw to classify a living ( long death) being.

Recently a faithfull native bushman was a precious gem that must be sycophantly preserved ´cause the guy represented an endless flow of novelties. Hence the many curious names....name of people given to plants.
A good and intrepid bushman could have all his or her shoots (prole) and I guess if given a chance even his or her pets and him or herself all honored with their names given to plants. I wonder if there is no Dyckia kuroupacu honoring the beloved parakeet of the bushman.

Extended bellied guys with their buns all well sit on a heat office in Europe
would get everything ....without crossing the Atlantic, being bit by mosquitoes and melted under the Tropic Sun.

The botanics found its funny ways to to determine who is who in our jungles. All to allow a 60 days journey on a sailing boat ( Millions of our orckids were destroyed just by the sea salt mist during the trips to England and Germany. It was chic to have a smoked orchid under glass.
Living plants would not resist so dryed ones were used for description (guessing). Then the jet plane appeared in the air and the plants arrived safetly in there and begun to be described alive. Most as soon as they arrived there. In the best of any hypothesis the description included a potted plant observed after under glass being kept for some short time.

Dyckias foolled and are still fooling people all around the globe specially those big bellied ones sit on very confortable European offices.

It is time to change! All and everytime is the proper time for changing.
A plant must be observed for years in its habitat before any description is made. With no rush and also no VANITY FAIR! Botany became a counter where trinkets are sold...vanity fair plays a very big and frequent role in there.

We know nothing about Dyckias. We have barely begun to understand them. Sailing time is gone, book time is at risk, information is fresh and must be fresh to be valid, reachable to be reasonable, abundant to be fair, precise to be valid, trustable to be true.

Forget the egos! If you want a name to be eternized use something made by man, as constructions, alleys, streets , harbours , squares, builduing, dams, airports but for God sake do not injure a living being with that name that means nothing or less than nothing. If you insist use that name to hybrids.
While science use people´s name for flattering I will not trust it.

Remember Paradisea apoda! Here we do not say Remember The Alamo but remember Paradisea apoda!

For God´s Sake Dyckia piu-piuiu No!