Venezuelan Tillandsioideae seed characters??

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Will Goulding
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Venezuelan Tillandsioideae seed characters??

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There is a species of seed that I wish to confirm as a member of the Bromeliad -Tillandsioideae and not a member of the Family Bombacaceae. A colleague suggested it may be of the latter family but I am sure I recall seeing them being dispersed from a bromeliad spike at about 1500m asl in Venezuela. The aril is gold and fluffy with a brown spike-shaped seed is smooth on one side and convoluted on the other and close to ten mm long by 1-2 mm.
Does anyone know of this and is there a feature that will reassure me that they are indeed bromeliad seeds anot from the member of another family?

Timm Stolten
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Hi Will,

the Bombacaceae I know (like Kapok for instance) are much bigger.


Seeds of the subfamily Tillandsioideae are very small.
Unfortunately I do not have a good Image on hand, I will check my Photo-folders next week.
Maybe we could help you figuring it out if you could post an
image of the seed you are talking about.

Greetings to down under ;-)

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