Trip To Ecuador: Bromeliads in habitat

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Trip To Ecuador: Bromeliads in habitat

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South America Nature Tours will be leading a new expedition combining the best of Northern and Southern Ecuador.
Our previous experience from our earlier trips would allow us to maximize the number of plants we will see, minimize the amount of driving, and picking the best spots to see the plants we want to see: BROMELIADS!! In prior excursions we saw over 120 species of Bromeliads and would expect more on this combined trip.

Bromeliads and Orchids

Dates: Jan 20th – Feb 3rd , 2012 CONFIRMED
Mode: All inclusive, starting in Guayaquil, ending in Quito
Duration: 16 days
Price: $ 3250., all inclusive except air fare. (Minimum 10) (Price may vary if number of people is less than 10).

Contact: Guillermo Rivera at
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