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new category ?

Verfasst: Dienstag, 28 September 2004, 23:25
von Timm Stolten
HI friends,

during the last days I was thinking of something, that I would like
to hear your opinons about.

Many know that prob, one hears about a new bromeliad species or
even get his hands on one, but nobody has any information or literature.
In the recent past a lot of new description have been made in small, lot
of times foreign, magazines, where it is nearly impossible to get a hand

So how about some sort of list or permanent thread here in this forum to
keep track on that ?
I do not have a certain idea so far how to arrange that. But maybe some
sort of list, where everybody who find a new description can add it or
somethin simular.............

What do you guys think about, would it make sense ?

Greetz Timm