Pepinia or Pitcairnia ??????

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Pepinia or Pitcairnia ??????

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Hi folks,

I got a little question maybe those of you far out there could answer........

In 1988 G.S.Varadarajan & Gilmartin (“Syst. Bot.” 13:297)
established the new genus Pepinia for a certain group of Pitcairnias,
like this wonderfull P. verrucosa.


Luther & Sieff (1996, 1998, 2000) confirmed that change in their
“An Alphabetical List of Bromeliad Binomials” Edit. V - VII.
So far so good.
Somebody (can't remember who) send me a note that in 1999
Taylor & Robinson (“Harvard Papers in Botany“ 4(1):203-217)
did return that plantgroup back into Pitcairnia.
But it is still beeing listed as Pepinia in Luther's list.
That is all the literature I could find so far.

Does anybody know the current state of these plants???
Is there any new literature out on this subject ?

Pepinia or Pitcairnia, that's the question.
Do you think I'd better toss those Pepinia labels or should I keep
them for later :?

Greetz Timm
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